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Two Snow White drawings

I'm having trouble deciding which would be a better picture to illustrate an altered version of Snow White I just wrote.
(it's for a writing swap!)

The title of the piece: Snow White and the Hey, Just because You're 6'3" doesn't mean I'm a Dwarf Guys

Here's a story summery: Snow White has gone crazy and spends her days in an insane asylum/rehabilitation center whiting her skin even more and trying to sweep the floor. The evil queen is her twin sister who is prom queen. She's the modern princess... tan, blond, whole family is rich...  Snow White is conviced the evil queen is plotting to take her life when her sister is really trying to visit her sister. The dwarfs in the story are working to make Snow White feel better. Snow White keeps calling them dwarfs, but she's actually really tall (6'3"). It's a silly fun story.

here is the first picture... it's rather silly :D

The second one is rather dark. but it does show that snow white is very pale and evil queen is dark

Here's a couple excerpts:


“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest one of all? Why, it’s me of course. Ahahahaha!!!!!” 

            Snow White cackles this as she rubs the white powder she’s been stealing from the dining area. She makes her own special foundation by finely crushing salt and sugar crystal into tiny dust particles. If she’s lucky, she adds a piece of chalk.

            “There! Fairest of the fair. And now I must find a way to repay the dwarfs for all their kindness. Oh, I know. I’ll sweep the floor!!” 


"Prom.... like prom queen? Is that what she means by the evil queen?"

"Bingo. We were both nominated into the prom queen pool. Snow did her thing to win votes and I did mine. For some reason she thought looking as white as possible was the way to go. She spent hours after school coming up with ways to keep her skin milky white. She was really losing it at that point, but she went ballistic when Hunter asked to take her out dinner and the dance. She was convinced that he literally wanted to take her out. Bang bang or something... actually, it might have been a death by stabbing and taking the heart as a trophy... OH MAN she was going crazy. I mean, come on! What am I supposed to do with her heart? Eat it? Gross! She thought I was the mastermind and he was hired help."

Thanks, in advance!

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