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In an effort to curb the influx of spam in my communities (thanks new management, a fine job you're doing) membership in all of my communties is now moderated. Requests for membership will be evaluated based on a simple review of your journal. I will only reject membership if I suspect a bot (i.e. few friends, many communities, recent journal).

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Cross-posted like a mother. I reckon I'm spamming myself then.
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Hey all! Two of my comic stories have been completed! The Serpent in the Belly, Drawn by Jason Thompson:

And Wicked Temple, drawn by Konstantin Pogorelov:

They will be released in a full color volume along with two other stories in "The Legend of Bold Riley Book 1: The Dusty Road" But for now the Black and White roughs can be read in their entirety at www.boldriley.com

I hope you'll give it a look!
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The legend of Bold Riley

Hey guys! We've finally debuted www.boldriley.com. There are currently five adventures updating by myself and four talented others. If you like fantasy, fairy tale themes and lesbians then I hope you'll come by and have a read!

The above image is a promotional postcard I made to advertise the website for the 08/09 convention season and the Bold Riley story, Wicked Temple which we released in print and the Alternative Press Expo that was held just this past weekend in San Francisco.

Let me know what you think and thanks for reading!

Gods and Monsters-an art book by David Gough

A collection of works spanning the last five years-reproduced in 33 stunning plates now available...


We are so very proud to introduce the first official book featuring my art, printed under my own Darq Matter publishing imprint.
Comprising Artwork spanning 2003 to present day-Gods and Monsters, is a chimerical odyssey through the nether worlds and personal demons of my subterranean imaginings.

This 40 page full color, soft cover 7" x 7" book, consists of 33 plates of my best works, including both my most recognizable and some more obscure art. A limited edition of 500 has been individually signed by myself, and is available to order now from my website only, for just $25 including shipping and handling within the US...Order your copy now!

Please spread the word wherever you can. The more successful this book becomes, the quicker I can start working on Volume Two! Also, please have a look at my new and improved website.


Thanks and I hope you enjoy my art.
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Cat, Iris, Kitty

Greetings + Dragon Rider

Hiya :o)

Although it's been a while I'm watching, this is my first post to the community...
My name is Jessica, I'm a fairytale lover & amateur artist (drawing & painting, photography, singing...).

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A Collaborative Story Telling Experiment


hi - i'm new here but thought this was relevant to this community out of love of fairy tales.

i am posting today because my friend and i are doing a group project for a class which involves putting together a blog for a collaborative retelling of Rumpelstiltskin. we have taken the grimm brother's text and added to it together, and then posted it to our new blog. now we are hoping people will take our text, change it, add to it, etc., and post a new version of the story as the next blog entry.

we're working on the premise that this kind of storytelling allows new voices to come through old texts, and are interested in exploring what can come out of a collaborative effort like this. so we would really like if you would check it out and contribute! the blog is openrumpy.blogspot.com, and instructions for posting are on the site. the whole thing should be finished by monday morning, so take a look and add your voice! please also send us comments or constructive criticism - we want to make this as good as it can be.

i hope this is OK to post here - please remove if it's not. thanks!
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New Dryad work


Begun originally in August of 2007, this surreal painting went through about five incarnations, before it evolved into the piece you see here.

The word 'mind' evokes something which is an attentive supervisor, or a nanny for our impulses, and I wanted to explore the state then, of being absent minded-that which becomes detached and seperate from the process of thinking-symbolised here by a fragile egg, taking flight from a rooted muse.

Called 'Nature of the Fragile Mind', I feel this is one of my strongest works, and you can bid on it by clicking the picture below: