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A Collaborative Story Telling Experiment


hi - i'm new here but thought this was relevant to this community out of love of fairy tales.

i am posting today because my friend and i are doing a group project for a class which involves putting together a blog for a collaborative retelling of Rumpelstiltskin. we have taken the grimm brother's text and added to it together, and then posted it to our new blog. now we are hoping people will take our text, change it, add to it, etc., and post a new version of the story as the next blog entry.

we're working on the premise that this kind of storytelling allows new voices to come through old texts, and are interested in exploring what can come out of a collaborative effort like this. so we would really like if you would check it out and contribute! the blog is openrumpy.blogspot.com, and instructions for posting are on the site. the whole thing should be finished by monday morning, so take a look and add your voice! please also send us comments or constructive criticism - we want to make this as good as it can be.

i hope this is OK to post here - please remove if it's not. thanks!
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